Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SUP Bling - Paddles

What Up SUP world,

Hope everyone had rocked out during the long weekend and got some time on the water. It was super hot in FL. But that only made going for a paddle more appealing, on Friday I made a last minute trip to the East Coast to visit our awesome surf distributor. We need paddles badly and no one had any around. The trip was awesome, but I was kicking myself when I got to the atlantic and realized I left my board at the shop.

Back to point of this post. We scored a bunch of really
affordable Epic Adjustable Paddles for all those on a tight budget, look for some pics and specifications soon. I thought I would throw up some shots of the Southern Sun family paddle collection. Everyone loves bling - we are still debating the values of Carbon, Kevlar, Fiberglass and blade shape, no definitive answers yet. From the left is killer full carbon Hyper, real light with weight in all the right places. Next, is my Kialoa, tagged with our SSSC stencil (awesome paddle, still unsure of the model). Third, with the DaKine sticker is the SSSC full carbon paddle - an awesome paddle at a killer price. We are working on getting more of these - they seem like the best bang for the buck. Fourth, is a C4 Fiberglass, I grabbed on friday. We thought we should have one around for comparison and an overall solid design. Fiberglass shaft - not the lighest - but awesome oval shape, and perfect all-around blade.

Hope this was a nice respite from more important realities of life.

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