Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Board - Forum/List-Serve Press release

Thought I would share a local SUP list-server email I just sent out. Sort of an informal press release:

"Hey fellow SUPer's,

The new shape referred to as the the "blue board" or "weekend warrior" is by far our highest quality production board yet. The shape is less of a performance-surf SUP than our other boards. The Blue Board has more design emphasis on fitness/training, long distance/overnight trips and those looking for a board to race on that is affordable and still be competent in any other paddling situation.

The Blue Board features an aggressive nose rocker, that allows the board to still shred on the waves and contributes to comfortable paddling in the most choppy waters. The diamond nose and hard rail shape result in a quite maneuverable board, that continues to manifest Southern Sun's surfing roots.

The Blue Board is available in 11' and 12' both lengths are 29.75'' wide and have a progressive thickness that at the maximum is 5''. This board can float a paddler of any weight plus a child, dog or cooler.

Support your local board manufacturers. "

Monday, September 27, 2010

New Board Coming Oct. 2010 - Weekend Warrior

Hey guys,

Long time since an update, I still have to fill you in on our awesome adventures at Surf Expo 2010 in Orlando. More importantly, a new shape we have been developing over the summer will be available at the end of October.
While still surfers at our roots, we felt it was time to expand our board line with a hybrid touring/race shape. This board is still loads of fun stand up paddle surfing, but with cooler weather coming this
board is perfect for long distance trips, fitness training, and weekend warrior racing.
The board is far from a full on race shape, rather it is capable of any sort of paddling the water has to offer. However, thi
s shape is FAST, with a maximum thickness of 5'' and beautiful nose and tail rocker; the overall foil will be a great poor paddler's option to dominate in race season. The shape continues our proven use of 3x6 layers of fiberglass on the deck and bottom. Not pictured is the standard 3/4 deck track pad.

The new board will continue Southern Sun Surf's tradition of offering awesome boards at affordable prices. This shape features our highest quality construction yet. The finish, durability and performance will blow away the pricier big-name competition.

More pictures to follow, along with updates on more opportunities to try this board out. Shout out to Ryan and his killer site for another awesome board of the week feature.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pelagic (the white board) more photos

This board rocks. Enough said about it. We have 10' and 11'. Time for more photos.

Monday, July 12, 2010

FL's favorite SUP Shape - back again

A few of you were able to sample the original bangbu - blank. It was very similar in shape to our original woody board, but with a few performance oriented additions. Good news to all, the 2nd production run of this shape is almost finished. The board also has a new name; the Pelagic.

The board featured our most durable construction and all-around ride-ability characteristics. Most notably, it is our quickest shape. It is the next evolution in SUP boards. Gone are the days where you needed 11'6'' boards - that lacked defined a nose and tail, or
had much rocker.

The Pelagic t
akes it to the next level - with a 4.625in width, the board is stable enough for a first time rider and also competent rocking some surf. I don't have too many photos, but I will let the one's I do have speak for themselves.

Included in the photos are some killer "board of the week" sections featured on Give us a shout or e-mail to check them out, or visit one of our rocking dealers.

Monday, June 28, 2010

East Coast Surf Run - June 22

Last week, Chad Larrison (local Team Surf Shack rider) and Southern Sun homie, and I headed over to Cocoa Beach for some early morning riding. We rolled out at 4:30, and were able to get some solid sessions in at two different spots. These photos are from early in the morning, the shots don't do the rider or the board justice. the sun was directly at the camera, additionally my 300mm lens did not allow me to get close enough for good on-shore shooting. Chad was rocking our 9'6'' Chilado, a board I continue to be impressed by, the waves were about 3.5 ft high and later in the day easily 4 ft. I already wrote too long of a preface - let's get to the good stuff.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today - SAT JUNE 19 Throw Down

I should be over at Sal's motivating him to get moving, but before I roll I thought an online reminder of today's mayhem couldn't hurt.

In case you don't know, it is International Surf Day (technically tomorrow). With lots of events for tomorrow the crew at the Surf Shack organized a hard core kick off going down today.

Starting this morning, Southern Sun Surf Co. will be doing doing free Stand Up Paddle board demos. Don't let the rain or clouds scare you away, it is Florida and summer showers happen late and are short.

Take Advantage of the chance to come ride some of our SUP's! Chad, our homie - SUP instructor - and solid surfer, will be helping out and showing us all how the pro's stand up paddle.

The Surf Shack will be running specials on our boards for the day!

So come give it a try, don't worry if it is your first time - we will give you some instruction and you will love it. Plus it will be a one day opportunity to grab one of our awesome boards at an e
ven more awesome price.

Starting around 3 the Surf Shack will transform to an all out party. Featuring good live music, lots of free stuff, and some good old fashion fun.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Board Building Stuffs

Last night I was at the shop late trying to get some glassing work done. It is barely cool enough even at night, for optimum epoxy work. Oh well, I need do to some hands on work, so I would stop stressing about dumb stuff.

No pictures of current prototype, but I thought I
would post some cool board essentials I picked up from our distributor on the east coast. It definitely rocks that SUP specific board supplies are becoming more and more available.