Monday, July 12, 2010

FL's favorite SUP Shape - back again

A few of you were able to sample the original bangbu - blank. It was very similar in shape to our original woody board, but with a few performance oriented additions. Good news to all, the 2nd production run of this shape is almost finished. The board also has a new name; the Pelagic.

The board featured our most durable construction and all-around ride-ability characteristics. Most notably, it is our quickest shape. It is the next evolution in SUP boards. Gone are the days where you needed 11'6'' boards - that lacked defined a nose and tail, or
had much rocker.

The Pelagic t
akes it to the next level - with a 4.625in width, the board is stable enough for a first time rider and also competent rocking some surf. I don't have too many photos, but I will let the one's I do have speak for themselves.

Included in the photos are some killer "board of the week" sections featured on Give us a shout or e-mail to check them out, or visit one of our rocking dealers.

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