Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Board - Forum/List-Serve Press release

Thought I would share a local SUP list-server email I just sent out. Sort of an informal press release:

"Hey fellow SUPer's,

The new shape referred to as the the "blue board" or "weekend warrior" is by far our highest quality production board yet. The shape is less of a performance-surf SUP than our other boards. The Blue Board has more design emphasis on fitness/training, long distance/overnight trips and those looking for a board to race on that is affordable and still be competent in any other paddling situation.

The Blue Board features an aggressive nose rocker, that allows the board to still shred on the waves and contributes to comfortable paddling in the most choppy waters. The diamond nose and hard rail shape result in a quite maneuverable board, that continues to manifest Southern Sun's surfing roots.

The Blue Board is available in 11' and 12' both lengths are 29.75'' wide and have a progressive thickness that at the maximum is 5''. This board can float a paddler of any weight plus a child, dog or cooler.

Support your local board manufacturers. "

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